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Inland Marine Insurance

A secure insurance policy for property that moves.

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What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Sometimes referred to as the “wild-wild west” of insurance, Inland Marine insurance is a unique type of property insurance that can be written for any type of moveable property, construction equipment and tools, buildings under construction, and construction work in process.
Inland marine policies can be customized in many ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We will listen to your concerns, help you identify your risks, and then work with our carriers to develop an Inland Marine solution to your unique risks and exposures.

Coverage Can Include:

Protect Your Property In Transit

An Inland Marine Insurance policy is essential for businesses that have many moving parts, but it can also be useful if you own unique property that can’t be insured by a standard policy. Talk to one of our agents today to see if Inland Marine Insurance is right for you.